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A.J. Chambers: An Interview (ASK MORE IN COMMENTS)
Alright, then: how about an introduction on your own part?
Oh, of course! M-my name is Adeleine-Jacques Chambers...or "A.J." for short. I am 20 years old. I am French, but I moved to America around the age of 6. I am an up-and-coming popstar who works with a small record company. And I am also a boxer, so that I may further my dreams! ...okay, I don't box in any real, professional leagues, but I box!
20? You don't look it.
That's most likely because of my height. I know it's unnatural for girls to be so tall, but...I'm 6'2. It also doesn't help that I am quite mature for my age, or so I am told. Which I think is a good thing! ...then again, people most likely prefer idols when they look younger and act cuter...
...oh, I'm sorry! I got distracted. Where were we?
So why music? Why a popstar who dances and sings instead of just playing an instrument?
My mother was in opera, which inspired me to sing, too! But as a child, I found opera itself to be boring. So I took th
:iconwaifuwars:WaifuWars 11 36
Mature content
Robin vs Corrin (ROUND 1) :iconwaifuwars:WaifuWars 14 2
Robin vs Corrin (PROLOGUE)
A blazing battlefield, with soldiers charging and retreating. Fallen soldiers, unconcious or worse, clutter the fields.
A blue-haired warrior finds himself swinging his blade to everyone that approaches him, tearing apart soldier after soldier with his disciplined warrior’s strength.
He is overwhelmed, but he marches on.
In the distance, he sees a woman with long white hair approach him, and he squares himself for battle, until he is asked to—
His grip is still on his weapon, but he ends his charge.
The woman reveals herself as she steps out of the fog of war.
“My name is Corrin, and I am in charge of the opposing army. We’ve both lost heavy forces in this fight for territorial control. That being said…I have a proposition for how we can settle this without making this a hollow victory for either of us.”
“And that’s the story?” a feminine voice asked.
"Yes. I know it sounds farfetched...but it's t
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Ruby Rose is Victorious! by zipskyblue

A commission I received from zipskyblue that got taken down from their dA; hopefully it doesn't this time. This image was slightly edited by the wonderful :iconcoolsquidfacts:. Please give both of them your attention and praise.


After vigorous martial arts training from her older half-sister Yang Xiao Long, Ruby Rose was then forcibly dragged to a foxy boxing ring in Vale ("An actual gym would've taken too long to get a match in!" ...or so she claims). Their faithful teammates Weiss and Blake came along for moral support...and to help push Ruby down the ramp and into the ring so she wouldn't run away. Despite her confidence being outnumbered 3-1, Yang had faith that Ruby's first match would be a victory.

And it was. An OVERWHELMING victory, at that.

Her sneakers refusing to stay still as they moved on the canvas, she nimbly jabbed at her opponent, overwhelming them with sheer speed. Every part of the body that could be legally hit WAS hit in that match. Unlike her sister, she wasn't very powerful or resilient: and she accepted her limits, wisely staying defensive until her opponent started getting weary. A few rounds later, and the referee was forced to end the fight by TKO after she womanhandled her opponent to the ropes and landed countless blows with no retaliation.

Once the referee confirmed that the fight was finished, Ruby Rose's unfortunate opponent fell to their knees in a bruised and exhausted heap. The meek and shy little girl they saw in the opposite corner was now standing over their defeated form, smirking at her own success as she raised her arm in trumph.

And as they announced the victory of Ruby Rose, the Little Red Reaper--as this establishment so lovingly dubbed her--she was beginning to think that Yang made the right choice in fighting style after all.
Lina Inverse Knocks You Out by ButcherStudios

"Darkness beyond twilight
Crimson beyond blood that flows
Buried in the flow of a 10 count
In thy great name, I pledge myself to boxing
Let the fool who stands in my way be KO'd
by the leather you and I possess...

Had this one for a while but never uploaded it. Lina Inverse, the dragon-slaying, bandit-killing, and treasure-hungry adventurer has got you in the ring and is now giving you a beating. Probably because there's a big cash prize on the line...the roar of the crowd and a heavy grunt of energy from her are the last things you hear before your back crashes into the canvas and your eyes go shut.

The next thing you know, the ref is waving you off to the right...and to your left, Lina just finished waving at the crowd, and you two meet eyes. She walks over to you, winking at you.

"Sorry, but I DID give you the easy way out, you know? But now you've gone and lost to the oh-so generous Lina Inverse. Well, either way, my victory was the only option for you in the end~"

She lightly places a boot on your gut as the ref lifts her arm, and then things go dark again...

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Android 18 was a thrill-seeking fighter by heart. Although she was now a married housewife who rarely needed to fight anymore, she still yearned for a little excitement that didn’t involve putting a band-aid on Maron’s scraped knees (or Krillin’s scraped face). So she looked for sparring partners.

Yamcha? No, too weak. She never saw, but she heard the stories. Yikes.

Tien? No one even knew where he was anymore.

Piccolo? Not a bad option, but he’d probably be more interested in getting a rematch with her brother than her. She’d put him as a “maybe” for now. Speaking of 17, she’d really rather let him live his own life.

Goku and Vegeta were an equal fight, or even a possible win years ago, but now…? And on top of that, they’re already busy with their wives and OTHER fights—wait. Their wives! That’s it!

They might’ve all had lives of their own, but they also had SAIYAN husbands and sons. She’s heard Chi-Chi’s numerous and infinite complaints that Goku’s never home for Goten, and that even Goten is starting to go astray. Vegeta disappears for months on end, too, and Trunks is usually with Goten or playing with that Mai girl. They’ve both got plenty of time! They were both a bit weaker, though, so she'd have to make some limits. No ki use, obviously. And no flight...huh. How dull.

Wait. What if they had a boxing match? Plenty of fighting with some limits in place! Maybe they weren't fighters anymore, but they could at least throw a punch. And not only that, but 18 herself had never properly trained and fought in it before. She's be going in a novice to the entire sport. It was perfect!

So she made some calls. Chi-Chi was who she was really hoping for…unfortunately, that fell through. She was so reluctant to: despite it all, she still has duties as a wife she needs to complete, apparently. But she wasn’t an outright “no” forever, which was nice. Bulma, however, was surprisingly EAGER: she had honestly expected the exact opposite reaction from the two, hence why she called the actual martial artist first.

“You and me? Sparring?! Actually, that’d be perfect! I’ve got some things I need to test out anyway that's completely fitting for this!" she said from the other end of the cellphone.

Android 18 tried to hide her disbelief. "Really?! I mean...alright. Thank you. B-but if you reconsider, I understand." She couldn't hide it after all.

"No, no, seriously! We're gonna do this. Honestly, I should be thanking YOU. See ya soon!" 18 couldn't hang up, so fortunately Bulma did.

When the realization set in, 18 felt excitement in her circuits. She was going to FIGHT again!


The day arrived. Neither 18 nor Bulma had any boxing trunks, so they improvised.

Bulma’s outfit was simple: it was just one of her swimsuits. Pink and white stripes on both top and bottom, skinny strings conquered by her hips and cleavage. Her feet were covered by blue sneakers and purple legwarmer-like socks (much like the gear from her youth) and her hands were adorned with red gloves. Bulma’s had to Dragon Ball hunt in worse clothing, and since her and 18 were both girls fighting privately, it wasn’t really that big of a deal. She even got to dress her hair in a different way than she had for the past few years, thus fully making it feel like old times.

18, however, was slightly more modest. She wore a throwaway t-shirt she had acquired during her shopping raids with 17 way back when: a short-sleeved one, with some blue for the deep neckline and shoulders, white everywhere else, with the words "MEGA MILK" written on it. She forgot her bra, but as she bounced a few times in the mirror, she changed her mind on wearing one: she wanted to compete with the busty Bulma Briefs in both looks AND strength. So she went skimpy: a pair of black athletic panties engulfed by her thighs and ass almost immediately...and nothing else covering them. She finally put on some ankle high socks, black and yellow sneakers, and a pair of blue Capsule Corp gloves that matched her t-shirt's upper half.

"We look ridiculous." 18 said, breaking the silence. "So, I have to ask: why would YOU of all people want to fight me?"

"Capsule Corp has been considering going into the combat sports market, so we've been developing boxing gloves that increase their weight on the fly: and they barely feel like the weight you can set them to! All inspired by Vegeta's time in that gravity room, of course.” Bulma explained chipperly. “For the purpose of this fight, I've got some not-on-the-market weights that can, y'know, actually hurt you; and you’ve got some power and weight suppressing gloves that won’t kill me.”

18 nodded. "Seems fair to me."

“So yeah, don’t hold back too much…” Bulma's expression turned from a smile while explaining into a sly smirk and a wink. "Pluuuuus, I figured if I win, I can get some revenge for that time you broke my husband's arm."

18 scoffed with a smile of her own. "You two remember that?"

"Oh, he NEVER lets it go. Don't know why he never did anything about it, though...not that I'd want him to. He’d do some serious damage to you now.“

"Hmph. Well, if I win, I'm getting revenge for when your future son killed me and my brother. I think this is pretty even."

The two girls approached each other, now pressing against each other chest to chest.

“Oh, don't worry: I'll make sure that Krillin doesn't have to worry about you denting too badly. I am a scientist, after all.“ Bulma continued with the playful teasing. She was unbelievably fired up.

And 18 couldn't help but respond. “Compared to my punches, Vegeta’s attacks will feel like yours without the added weight.“

"Well, then..." Bulma started, taking a few steps back before lifting her right glove and flicking her wrist forward two times: "Ding ding~" she said, giggling.

18 took an actual reasonable boxing stance. Bulma...just sort of bounced around on her toes, gloves vaguely raised in an attempt to defend. She wasn’t formally trained; no surprise there. 18 started out gracefully, punching at Bulma's head, before swinging low into her stomach. She failed to stop the hit, hunching forward slightly with an audible grunt, but to 18's surprise, landed a countershot right to her ribs. Still lowered, she followed up with a 3-jab combo to the android's gut.

18 got some distance, yet Bulma was stubborn. Her swings were surprisingly quick, and surprisingly plentiful, but unsurprisingly easy to avoid. As the scientist did a jumping uppercut of all things and started getting even closer, 18 was able to repel her with a right cross. Bulma’s head turned, and 18 kept control by jabbing her head multiple times and finishing with a hook to the ribs. She was already starting to falter, which wasn’t surprising, so 18 went in for another powershot—



18’s breasts shook from the impact of leather, and her face got a little red. Bulma followed up with a straight that impacted her nose, and began to get the advantage over her.

“Playing a little dirty, huh?” 18 asked as she closed up her guard.

“Hey, it’s a part of your body and you left it open. Speaking of open—”

Her next bodypart of focus was 18’s unprotected stomach. Perhaps the shock from before was still rattling 18’s mind, because Bulma was able to land a clean 1-2 gut check onto the android before pounding her ribs with her multiple right jabs. It was at this point 18 really felt just how hard these gloves were: she hasn't felt this kind of force since...well, she just hasn't felt it for a while. Was that part of the reason it hurt so much as Bulma whaled on her? Could a metalic body go soft?

18's reflection ended with Bulma's right hook forcing a verbal “Ugh!” out of her—she attempted to fight back, only to take a LEFT hook that got her ever so close to the ropes.

"What's the matter? I thought you wanted a fight! You sure aren't putting up much of one, that's for sure..." Bulma commented. Oh, 18 would show her...

As Bulma's eyes met her eyes, and as her glove almost met her face once more, 18 ducked and came rushing into the bluenette's gut with uppercuts galore. 18 felt her confidence and previous power return with every "Ooh!", "Ugh!", and "Aw!" she heard from Bulma. But soon after, she started fighting back, desperate to get 18 off of her by whaling on her head. Unfortunately for her, her gloves only scraped by the android’s golden locks, and she was pushed back to the center by a now very serious Android 18. She felt herself trying to juke as many strikes as she can, managing to block a hook and jab, but then getting hit with a lower-aimed left straight. Desperate to not feel that aching sensation in her stomach anymore, she closed up and started retreating. She figured that 18 would come to her anyway, but the second she tried to react with a left jab, 18 used her right to bop her in the face twice and send a left hook to her side. Still having her wits about her, though much more rattled than 18 was earlier, Bulma kept swinging and missing, and 18 was able to launch a clean uppercut to the chin. As Bulma’s body shot straight up, her arms fell to her sides and her eyes looked glazed over. The blonde android smirked to herself, and lightly knocked Bulma around with some jabs before knocking her off her feet with a right hook.

Bulma fell to the floor on her right side, looking up at 18 as she panted heavily. “Yeah…that’s about…what I was expecting.” she admitted as she sat up, shaking her head as a refocus method.

“Well? Are you giving up?” 18 asked in response. “1…2…”

As 18 counted, Bulma bounced up at 4, pounding her gloves together and saying “Oh, I’m far from done yet!” with a big smile on her face. 18 loved her enthusiasm, and once she got her gloves up, the match continued.

This time, the scientist looked a lot more serious and a lot more careful. 18 was hesitant to make a move as a blue-haired blur juked around her jabs and occasionally tagged her with a strike of her own. The machine stepped forward with her guard up, noticing that Bulma had an incredibly telegraphed uppercut to her gut planned. She figured it’d be easy enough to handle, so she got a cross ready—WHAM

Only to feel her head fly back. As it returned into place, Bulma offered her a wink and a teasing “Gotcha~” before actually making good on her original punch. She had been deceived by a feint, and was about to pay the price via Bulma pummeling her gut once more. Spit began to pour as each glove landed on her belly, and eventually ceased once Bulma landed a finishing torso shot. This pushed her back to the ropes fully this time; despite that, Bulma took her sweet time making a move, knowing that rushing in would just result in 18’s blue leather bashing her. She threw another feint, a right hook to be exact, but 18 didn’t take the bait. To escape, she dashed in with a left straight, which Bulma blocked. She wanted 18 to go back via alternating jabs, but the android had other plans as she avoided them. “Seriously, hold still!” Bulma said, half-joking half-frustrated.

18 found her opening: a curved shot to Bulma’s ribs as she ducked under another left-right punch. This took her breath away, and 18 went right back to working the head with light rights, Bulma’s head bouncing. As she tried to step away, 18 caught her with a left hook to the side. This and the earlier knockdown caused the android to feel a return to form as she started to work the inexperienced scientist over, when suddenly…


Bulma got in close, her head nuzzling 18’s bosom, and her arms wrapped around her back. Realizing she was locked in a clinch, she tried to break free and teach Bulma a lesson, but the scientist had her in surprisingly tight. Bulma’s right loosened for a second, and 18 prepared to slam her, but Bulma quickly shoved her right into 18’s liver, shocking the android for just a moment as her body locked up. Bulma cleanly landed a stomach punch before her arm went back to trapping 18. “You better knock this off…” 18 warned, but Bulma just giggled at the threat. Bulma went to free her left, 18 landing a few jabs on her head at the meantime, but as she tried to land the disconnecting strike, Bulma landed two to the ribs. The punch still connected, but that still didn’t discourage the scientist from fully letting go. Feeling that she was losing in these clinches, she shoved her gloves forward to get her off, and as she stepped forward to strip Bulma’s regained energy away, Bulma countered with a straight to the head.

18 began stumbling, her frustration growing as she threw her own straight. But Bulma saw it, her left glove stopping it as she popped 18 with a right cross. The android was getting broken down step by step, another punch entering her ribs, another entering her gut, and another hook making her back touch the ropes.

She got her guard low, but Bulma went high for her chin. Her gloves came apart at the first right, and the only option left was to let the Capsule Corp heiress juggle her head like a speedbag. 18’s blonde hair bounced up and down as each glove made its way towards her face, her eyes going every which way as Bulma cheerfully worked her over. She certainly was making the most of it, as Bulma’s gloves wouldn’t let her down; neither would the rope.

18’s face would finally get some rest, her body ready to fall--but one last uppercut from Bulma would be the finishing strike, and it was sent to her chest, not her head. The punch was so heavy that it would send 18’s right tit flying out of her top along with her body as she crashed to the mat.

“Unnhhgh…” 18 groaned.

“1…2…3…” Once she finished saying 3, the pain started to stop, and she was able to get up at the count of 6. She was disappointed that she was slower than Bulma, but considering she got the heavier beating from heavier gloves, she supposed it made sense. Speaking of which…

“Just how heavy are those gloves, anyway?”

“Heavy enough that I hit a metal wall before this without feeling a thing!” Bulma responded cheerfully. “Speaking of, after THAT little display of mine, I’m pretty sure these things are a success! Oh, and soooo sorry about your top.”

That last bit sounded a little sarcastic, but 18 payed it no mind as she fixed her shirt. “For a human, you’ve got a surprising amount of energy. You and those gloves make a dangerous pair.”

“Heh. You can’t adventure with Goku for most of his childhood without a lot of energy. Plus, I actually had to foxy box for a Dragon Ball one time…I kinda know my stuff, even if it’s been a while.”

18 started smiling again. Even though she had just been somewhat embarrassed by one of her less-combative acquaintances, she was loving the danger and the challenge she hadn’t felt for so long. Now that they were both back into neutral gear, she had some time to think about just how Bulma was fighting. Most of her significant strikes seem to come from her getting countered, and when things look bad, she’d try something like that intimate clinch or chest shots. The gloves aside, she had the physical advantage: now she just had to really use it.

So she went defensive: Bulma was as carefree as ever with how she fought, and 18 was moving from side-to-side; almost literally dodging circles around her. And now that she noticed it, Bulma was pretty predictable too, minus things like feints or lewd tactics. After blocking a high straight, she finally saw Bulma getting a little tired between her guard. As she lowered her arms, Bulma went right back to aiming for her breasts. This time, the android leaned away, her opponent’s hook smacking air instead of flesh, and leaned back in with a right cross to Bulma’s chin. Instead of closing up, Bulma just kept trying to stay in the fight with jab after jab, but 18 paid them no mind and thrust her glove into Bulma’s face once more. Bulma was left staggering, and the android quickly went low to punch her in the breadbasket before rising up for a 1-2 to the ribs. This left the blue-haired scientist looking startled as she was quickly getting overwhelmed and outskilled. “Oh? Don’t look too surprised, now.” 18 reprimanded as she continued overpowering Bulma.

Once again, the android felt a sense of satisfaction as every moan was omitted from all of her punches landing. “This is how it should’ve been at the start,” she thought, as she glanced at Bulma’s pained expressions. Come to think of it, she looked like she was enjoying herself too; and not just when she was landing hits either. Did she always have this kind of urge to fight, or did she just find it during this supposed sportsgear testrun? Her guard was up again, but 18 was preparing to penetrate it with a pulled-back left; but now she felt a body cling onto her again. This was a much more direct impact, as it was chest-to-chest…

“You won’t be pulling that little trick off again.” 18 said with authority, as a tired, sweating, and panting Bulma looked up at her. Bulma kept reaching to halt her arms, but the only thing she received was multiple strikes to her cheeks. In fact, the only movement she could make was forcing her stumbling legs to keep using 18 as balance, as her chest repeatedly made its way into the android’s. As she continued to rub and bump against her mammaries-first, 18 started suddenly moaning, obviously flustered by the situation. This went on for a while, the two now locked in a battle of breast-based attrition, until 18 asked “What do you think you’re doing?!” and drilled into Bulma’s gut with her right. Spit got on her shoes as Bulma’s body crumpled downwards, and then her head shot upwards from a left uppercut. This caused Bulma to slowly fall backwards onto the canvas with a cry of pain, her body stiff as a board.

18 took a few steps back, sighing as she put her gloves on her hips. “You keep pulling things like that, and I’ll start charging you. Now, then…1…2…3…”

Bulma wasn’t getting up, still just breathing as she laid on the floor.


Now she stirred, slowly sitting up.


And then she got up fully. She shook herself awake, and noticeably blushing, said “B-believe me, I didn’t try that! You were just kinda beating the crap out of me, so I…”

“Spare me.” 18 interrupted, shaking her head. “If you’re willing, let’s keep this up.”

Bulma pouted as she got her gloves up. “I’m gonna get you back for that.”

“That’s my line.” Their blushes now fading away, 18 circled Bulma.  And then, one step at a time, she approached. Instead of trying to strike her from a distance, Bulma also stepped in and tried a hook to her stomach; it was halted, as was her follow-up straight. The android wanted to take the lead in this dance, her right snapping at Bulma multiple times yet just barely missing her target; as did her follow-up uppercut, which let Bulma punish that decision with a right cross. However, 18 wouldn’t back down, and she traded Bulma with her own straight to the face. The glove connected into Bulma’s eye, but that didn’t seem to blind her as she successfully made contact with the blonde’s gut. “You know you can’t do this forever, right?” 18 asked, as she nearly connected with Bulma’s liver via uppercut.

And yes, even though she was landing hits, Bulma mentally agreed she couldn’t last in this trade for long. As 18 nearly sent her head flying with two hooks, she leapt out of range and tagged her chin twice, finishing with a shot to the ribs. 18 gritted her teeth together in pain, but stood her ground as she flung her right glove forward, resulting in a cross-counter as Bulma had the exact same idea. 18 immediately got her guard up as Bulma kept punching, a 1-2-3 wave of red leather striking blue leather. The second her offense stopped, 18 immediately swung at her with her left, and it connected cleanly, sending Bulma backwards. As she reeled, 18 jabbed at her stomach before landing a right to her cheek. Her eyes looked like they were going in circles after that hit, drool coming out of the corner of her mouth.

As the android kept marching on, Bulma tossed a red-leather uppercut out with a loud “UNGH!” that wildly missed the mark. In comparison, 18’s swift blue leather made its mark nearly all over Bulma’s stomach. This was the beginning of the payback for the speedbag working and breast exposure she got earlier: she’d feel bad, but it WAS Bulma who signed up for this and started it. She stepped back from her jabs, which seemed to sort of drop off on their own before they even got to touch 18. “Oh, no. Don’t tell me I beat the confidence out of you, too?” she asked, smugly, as she ducked under an equally weak hook. “Come on, Bulma. What’s the next cheeky trick of yours?” She beckoned her forward with her gloves, but…at this point, it just kinda looked like she had double vision, as she whiffed yet another unimpressive combination that struck nothing. Damned if she didn’t hit that air with all her might, though.

Realizing that she might’ve just been rendered punch-drunk, 18 felt bad. But part of her didn’t want to stop, so she had an idea. “Well, I’ll just have to make things even here, I guess.”

And thus, she began unloading punch after punch into Bulma’s chest, hook after hook sending her breasts jiggling together and jab after jab sinking into the massive pair. “Ooh~ Unf~! Aww!” were Bulma’s thoughts on the matter, her punch-drunk state now seemingly becoming one stuck in ecstasy. The look of dizziness on her face became a now-dopey smile as her eyes looked into 18’s. The blonde android happily continued the bust beating all the while, before she pulled her right low and stripped Bulma of her bikini top by aiming right for her cleavage, sending the pink-and-white striped chest protectors soaring out of the ring, and its wearer hanging down low. Satisfied with her work, 18 got her TRUE knockout punch ready. “It’s over.” she said, with a tinge of pleasure in her voice. “Bye~“

But as 18 looked down, she saw a now-wide awake Bulma give her an evil smile, her left glove looking oddly far back—


And the next thing she knew, Bulma’s haymaker went rising up into her cheek, causing her to lose all control and spiral into the ropes, her vision now outside of the ring, her body and arms carried by the second rope, and her legs failing her, her backside fully stuck out towards Bulma.

“Hehe, I can’t believe that worked!” Bulma admitted, still laughing to herself. “Sure, it cost me my favorite top, and you got to bruise me even more than you already have, but it seemed to do the trick. Hmm, maybe I should make this an 18-count knockout, just for you? 1…2…3…”

Even though 18 knew how to fight and had the experience, getting hit with gloves like that the way she just got hit by them certainly wasn’t helpful. She wanted her body to move, but it just wouldn’t…go…up…    


At least most of her body already had some help. She just had to…work her way up…


18 had gotten to the third rope, stepping away from it without needing any more assistance. She was fully risen.

“Aw, come on. Don’t tell me you’re mad about that, 18?” Bulma asked, genuinely. “Don’t forget that I’m just a normal human scientist, and you’re an incredibly powerful android! I gotta do something to get the upper ha—“

18 cut her off with laughter. It was…really rare to hear her do that.

“No, don’t worry about it.” she replied. “Honestly, I probably could’ve knocked you out back there when I had the chance. It’s my fault for getting careless. Oh, and just so we’re fighting even…”

Despite wearing gloves, 18 attempted to remove her top—and soon succeeded, throwing it outside of the ring and leaving both girls’ breasts out in the open.

“Perfect. We’re fighting until a knockout, remember?”

Bulma bounced with excitement. “Well, in that case: get ready, 18, ‘cause I’m gonna knock you out!”

It was obvious that Bulma was genuinely weaker now, but it was equally obvious that if she hit hard enough, 18 probably wouldn’t be getting back up. Both of them seemed hesitant to take the lead, but eventually Bulma did with straights that were blocked quickly. Bulma’s right came towards 18, but she parried it and landed a pair of jabs to her head. 18’s hook to her midsection wouldn’t make the mark, though, as Bulma stepped out of range and then put her body into a left cross. As 18’s head snapped, she threw out another jab at Bulma’s head that landed and kept her humble. She had wanted to get closer to 18, but the android made it apparent that that simply wasn’t happening.

Long-range it was, then, as she peppered 18’s guard with lightning blows. But that was denied as well, as 18 landed a straight mid-flurry and followed up with a cross to the chin. Despite things getting tense, she had some mild concern in her eyes as Bulma released spit and blood from the hook. But the bluenette wasn’t backing down, even smling as she ducked another hook and got in closer to 18’s body. Starting really low, her gloves began constantly impacting android’s bellybutton. The second 18 prepared to fend her off, Bulma rose and fired a straight into 18’s ribs, pushing the android back.  Yet 18 hung on, unwilling to go down, fighting back with all of her might even as Bulma began to overwhelm her. She launched an uppercut that merely grazed Bulma’s chin, and the scientist stayed on her with surprisingly quick punches. 18 had tried to retaliate, but she felt the wrath of Capsule Corp impacting her face and her upper abdomen. The most she was able to do was connect a hook into Bulma’s chest, but that only elicited a moan and more excitement from Bulma as she stayed aggressive.

“C-come on, seriously?” 18 asked in disbelief. “Can’t you just go down already?”

As 18 attempted to make her wish come true, her right cross was halted and responded to with a straight. Her jabs were dodged, and she received an uppercut to her tit for the trouble. Her squeal was quickly silenced via Bulma’s cross, her metallic body slowly beginning to give in.

“Sorry, but Bulma Briefs is about to get her first win!”

Her last resort had to come quickly, her vision getting dimmer with every punch landed; but she was able to make out Bulma’s incoming knockout punch. “N-not yet…” was what she muttered, as she lunged forward towards Bulma’s solar plexus. Her blue leather was landing, stopping her possible defeat for now and regaining control of the fight!

Bulma aimed for the chest again, but 18 let her arm take most of the hits before clobbering her head with a right. The scientist tried to close up, but she was slowly getting pushed back, refusing to make a move because 18 could probably see it coming. That being said, it was only a short amount of time before her back would be back on the ropes again…so she decided to make a risky decision. She stepped to the right, 18 naturally picking that moment to land a right hook to her ribcage, but she was still able to put all her power into a heavy right…that 18 saw coming, and ducked under. “Oh crap—“ was Bulma’s exclamation before 18 crashed into her face with another right and flew in with a left to the stomach. An uppercut then busted Bulma’s bust, her head knocked around with a flurry of jabs, and she finally received a violent mercy as 18 rammed her roughed-up gut once more with her right glove. Once that landed, Bulma’s eyes went wide before they rolled to the top of her head, the scientist falling to her knees, and then onto the floor face-first.

Panting and exhausted, 18 immediately started counting out the fallen scientist.


Bulma didn’t stir. No snappy comments. Hardly even a twitch.

“6…7…8…9…10. It’s over…finally!”

She let out a content sigh, before smiling and raising her arms, celebrating her victory alone. “Now THAT was a knockout. But for a human with little experience, you put up an amazing fight.” she admitted while dropping her arms, still admiring Bulma in defeat. “It’s a good thing I brought a senzu bean with me, otherwise Vegeta would throw a fit..." Dropping her gloves, she went to retrieve it and tend to Bulma's wounds. That being said, even if it WAS just a human, it looks like she's still got it.
Dragon Box
18 outfit inspired by Mr. Steak:…
Bulma outfit inspired by :icongrimphantom:'s 

This is my attempt at a slightly sexier battle than usual. I hope you enjoy it! I'm glad to finally be back in business; expect more frequent uploads soon! No, seriously! I promise!

If enough interest is soon, I have an alternate ending that I might want to share. We'll see...
Alright, then: how about an introduction on your own part?

Oh, of course! M-my name is Adeleine-Jacques Chambers...or "A.J." for short. I am 20 years old. I am French, but I moved to America around the age of 6. I am an up-and-coming popstar who works with a small record company. And I am also a boxer, so that I may further my dreams! ...okay, I don't box in any real, professional leagues, but I box!

20? You don't look it.

That's most likely because of my height. I know it's unnatural for girls to be so tall, but...I'm 6'2. It also doesn't help that I am quite mature for my age, or so I am told. Which I think is a good thing! ...then again, people most likely prefer idols when they look younger and act cuter...

...oh, I'm sorry! I got distracted. Where were we?

So why music? Why a popstar who dances and sings instead of just playing an instrument?

My mother was in opera, which inspired me to sing, too! But as a child, I found opera itself to be boring. So I took the more modern and flashy form of performance singing! Too bad that choice doesn't match the fact that I am...well, kind of a coward, I suppose...

How in the world did you come to the conclusion that fighting in shady boxing rings would help you as a popstar?

Well, it is somewhat odd: I have a lot of connections that lead me here. A...friend who works with my label also fights there, someone else who is high in the company is an avid watcher--I have no idea if they know I fight there--and the entire reason I got into a fight there is because my manager was the one who was supposed to fight originally.'s a long story...

Fortunately, I used to do self-defense classes related to boxing, and that was a big help to succeeding in my sudden debut match. But an even bigger help seemed to be my dancing lessons! Every punch, every step, every dodge felt like a part of a routine, even though my opponent was not actually working with me. And a few hours after the fight, I realized:

I am an a amateur. An unconfident amateur, especially when it comes to singing. If I can force myself in situations where I must have the courage to keep going, and I cannot make any mistakes...perhaps I can become an even better idol!

Boxing, to me, is all about those things. And thus began mon career as a star by day, and a pugilist by night.

So what's the deal with your clothes? Those seem...awfully impractical for a boxer.

I...suppose they are, yes. Well, one thing is that I really don't like wearing the standard gear: I tried once, and...okay, I'm sorry! I just think normal trunks are hideous! One advantage of fighting in these non-official leagues is that I can wear whatever I want! And since I have many outfits thanks to my agency...well, I'd rather wear them than a bikini topless. (The very idea makes her blush and sweat...)

A-also, in a way, wearing my stage clothes gives me confidence! It makes every fight feels like my fans are watching me; and no fan would want to see me lose, right? So really, the whole idea is working as intended! But perhaps I could change a few things...earrings probably wouldn't be the best idea if people are going to hit me in the head, and I really should be tying my hair into a ponytail...

Do you like boxing?

Hmm...I guess I don't...dislike it. A part of me dislikes the idea of getting beaten into unconsciousness in front of a judging crowd. But at the same time, it is good for my body, my career, and my confidence! I do not relish the idea of beating someone, though. I merely do it because that is the goal of the sport. Then again, the adoration of the crowd, the sheer adrenaline rush, and the impact of the strike once I finish another girl off feels so--oh. I sound like a sadist, don't I? real answer is "No comment". But I would like some more opponents, though!

How do you fight?

Most of my success comes from defense, only attacking my opponent once they seem tired or make a poor move. I have a lot of speed, and I can hit fairly hard! Unfortunately, my ability to resist damage leaves a lot to be desired...I get through most of my fights via avoiding getting hit. My guard can be broken rather easily, and a few simple strikes can leave my head spinning and my body weakened...

What's your win record?

I currently have...about 4 wins, three of them via knockout, and my most recent battle was a loss. I hope to increase the former!

Any final thoughts?

I hope that I can win the hearts of everyone who watches me, via fighting or singing. My story starts here, with all of you!

A.J. Chambers: An Interview (ASK MORE IN COMMENTS)

So you might have seen :iconnettomedley: post a blonde girl with boxing gloves recently...that is my new OC. Don't worry, I don't plan on her taking over my content: then again, there's not much to take over, is there? You'll see more of her story soon enough, whether that be interactions with others or through my own original writing.

Until then, feel free to ask questions you might have for her in the comments below! I'll respond to them as A.J. Also, let me know how I should type her accent, or if I should type it at all. I went back and forth on that, and I'd love to hear feedback to see what others might think.

UPDATE: Changed A.J.'s obnoxious text-accent. That wasn't a good idea. It should be a lot more readable now! Also, made some minor grammar changes (she uses contractions a lot more than she did, mostly because of that fix)
Hey, everybody!

So I made it to the aforementioned convention a-okay, but like I said: it's time for me to open up some more constant commissions and give some updates.

Here's what I am currently working on:

Mystery Project: Uh...not exactly a good thing to start on, but it's for someone on dA who has been contacting me through notes. This is a free request story that has been a big challenge for me, but I'm working on it as hard as I can. They probably know who they are if they're reading this.

Commission for :iconjasada1000:. Aiming for this to be done by Friday, and hopefully even earlier.

Outside of that, though, I've also been doing commissions by email with a few people, and those are done.

My college schedule for this semester, while sure to make me pull my hair out, actually does give me some more freetime since I'm taking on a bit less, as recommended to me by family and friends. As such, I'll have more time to write, and since people seem to ask frequently, I'll be doing this as a constant, (probably) unending thing for now.

If you want references of some of the stuff I've done in commissions or not on dA, I'll be happy to provide it for you just to show you I haven't been slacking this whole time.

Prices and rules are still the same as the previous journal:

* $5 per page / $5 per 2000 words (I'm using both to determine which is a bit better for me, and one will probably go away once I've had sufficient enough experience)
* Pay me up front. I feel a bit bad about doing this, but at the end of the day, I'd rather no one commission me than work really hard on a story and have nothing to show for it.
* Note me for my PayPal/general contact e-mail.

Also, for people who I've been talking to/RPing with through Skype (mostly :iconhiddenabillity: and some various people on Patreon), I apologize for my inactivity, but every so often Skype likes to not let me log in and has a variety of other issues that encumber my experience with it. I'll try my best with it, but something that consistently works for me if you want to talk actively is Discord, and I'll happily give you my name and ID # through note.

That's all for now! Thank you for your continued support, and I'd like to share some commission related things or possibly aforementioned off-site works soon. Have a nice day, everybody!


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United States
I like to write stories about girls boxing; usually the girls are made by other creators, but I have some ideas of my own, too!


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