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A.J. Chambers vs Eagle :iconwaifuwars:WaifuWars 4 4
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Tomoko Kuroki vs Junko Enoshima by Dobudo :iconwaifuwars:WaifuWars 103 10
A.J. Chambers: An Interview (ASK MORE IN COMMENTS)
Alright, then: how about an introduction on your own part?
Oh, of course! M-my name is Adeleine-Jacques Chambers...or "A.J." for short. I am 20 years old. I am French, but I moved to America around the age of 6. I am an up-and-coming popstar who works with a small record company. And I am also a boxer, so that I may further my dreams! ...okay, I don't box in any real, professional leagues, but I box!
20? You don't look it.
That's most likely because of my height. I know it's unnatural for girls to be so tall, but...I'm 6'2. It also doesn't help that I am quite mature for my age, or so I am told. Which I think is a good thing! ...then again, people most likely prefer idols when they look younger and act cuter...
...oh, I'm sorry! I got distracted. Where were we?
So why music? Why a popstar who dances and sings instead of just playing an instrument?
My mother was in opera, which inspired me to sing, too! But as a child, I found opera itself to be boring. So I took th
:iconwaifuwars:WaifuWars 14 36
Mature content
Robin vs Corrin (ROUND 1) :iconwaifuwars:WaifuWars 14 2
Robin vs Corrin (PROLOGUE)
A blazing battlefield, with soldiers charging and retreating. Fallen soldiers, unconcious or worse, clutter the fields.
A blue-haired warrior finds himself swinging his blade to everyone that approaches him, tearing apart soldier after soldier with his disciplined warrior’s strength.
He is overwhelmed, but he marches on.
In the distance, he sees a woman with long white hair approach him, and he squares himself for battle, until he is asked to—
His grip is still on his weapon, but he ends his charge.
The woman reveals herself as she steps out of the fog of war.
“My name is Corrin, and I am in charge of the opposing army. We’ve both lost heavy forces in this fight for territorial control. That being said…I have a proposition for how we can settle this without making this a hollow victory for either of us.”
“And that’s the story?” a feminine voice asked.
"Yes. I know it sounds farfetched...but it's t
:iconwaifuwars:WaifuWars 17 3
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Wendy new swimsuit by smilesaidboredgirl
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Wendy new swimsuit :iconsmilesaidboredgirl:smilesaidboredgirl 35 1
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You guys are awesome. A.J. stuff coming soon! I'm trying to get it done today.
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Hey, folks! As a recent upload or two might have proved, I'm still alive and kicking and trying to write boxing stories! And speaking of boxing stories, here's a few I had in mind (ignore the fact that last time I did this I'm pretty sure I didn't work on anything I planned to, but hopefully I'm not a liar this time!):

  • Dragon Box 2: Well, the last one went so well that I'd feel a little silly not saying I wanted to do another. Both ideas would involve one of the competitors from last time. 18 vs 21 (the one people want), or Bulma vs Chichi (because I hate Chichi after OG Dragon Ball and I think Bulma's hot). I have a LOT of ideas for the former, so that's probably what it'll end up being, but I just wanted to gauge reactions.
  • Some Kinda Tournament (But Actually Doing It This Time): Yeah, the Zelda one never panned out, huh? Well, I had two thoughts. A single-person tournament filled with indie game girls (as examples you've seen in stuff I've commissioned: girls like Shield Knight, Cadence, Dorothy Haze/Jill Valentine, etc.) or a two-woman tag team boxing tournament filled with fighting game girls! The latter is probably the one I'll do because, again, I have a lot of interesting ideas for it, but also again, what do people think?
  • Collab Story: A collaboration I'm working on with someone else. I don't know if they want me to make it public or not, so I'll just keep it quiet, but if they read this journal they should know who they are.
  • A.J.: Holy shitamole, people really like this girl! I think? I've been trying to make her first canonical debut chapter as fast as I can, but I keep second guessing myself and changing everything. And, as you've seen, I'll be making stories as she journeys through :iconcoolsquidfacts:'s wonderful tournament, come victory or defeat! ...hopefully victory, but considering how badly I did her stats, most likely defeat.
Aaaaaand also speaking of A.J., I'll say it again: holy shitamole, people REALLY like this girl. All I really wanted to say is that I'm still fine-tuning her personality and character, so apologies in advance if she's a bit generic or suddenly OOC from how I originally was writing her from one story to the next. I also have some friends and other musical associates for her, but maybe I'll give some more content related to her first before dumping any other characters on anyone. And also, thank you for all of your support towards her!

Now, the last part. I want money, so I wanna use my talents on here to get money.  I'm probably not gonna open commissions just yet, if only because I don't feel like I've done enough on here to warrant getting paid, but I was more curious as to how and how much I should price them for once I open them again. I dunno if I ever said they were closed, though, but anyways. I'd love if someone could drop a detailed comment, but for now I'll just do the quick and easy method of a Strawpoll. (Word Count vs Page Length) (How much I should charge?)

That's all for now, thanks for reading! Or if you didn't:

TLDR: I have some more stories planned. Thanks to anyone who likes A.J., I'm gonna do more with her; but please understand if she's a little boring or OOC between works, because I'm still working on the "C" part of her in general. And I want money, but who really wants to give me any?

  • Listening to: NOMA - Brain Power (O-oooooooooo AAAAE)
  • Reading: The Maltese Falcon
  • Watching: Fate/stay animes (Astolfo made me gay)
  • Playing: Fortnite/Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  • Eating: Pringles (once I pop I genuinely can't stop.)
  • Drinking: Banana smoothies (fruit's pretty good)

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A.J. arrived at the sight of Rania's gigantic 2nd tournament, which attracted all sorts of allcomers: the perfect opportunity for A.J. to test her skills, and maybe make a bigger name for herself. She had applied for the first one, wrestling only, but unfortunately failed to make the cut in a popularity poll: losing out to other fighters and the fellow boxing idol that's caught her eye recently, one Hoshiko Saitou. Well, this time, she wouldn't have to worry about that. If that ever happened again, surely this tournament could get her into the eye of the public! And on top of that, it's in HER sport! Or so she thought.

"W-wait, it's MMA if I'm fighting with a wrestler?" A.J. asked Rania while sweating profusely.

"Eeeeyup!" Rania said, happily.

"...howwwwwisthatfair?!" A.J. asked in a squeak. "I didn't train for this! I'm a boxer! And hardly a good one!"

Rania giggled. "Honey. Sweetie. Darling." she said, putting a hand on the tall idol girl. "Number one, why would you enter my first wrestling tournament if you weren't prepared to try something different."


"And number two, MMA is basically like boxing and wrestling combined! Just hit whoever you're fighting until they fall down and try not to get choked out or anything! And now you can even knee and kick people! Besides, it's not like it's very fair if we put a wrestler in a boxing match, either."

A.J. quietly processed this, thinking it over, more to gain some confidence than anything else. They were Rania's rules, her reasons were justifiable, and she was the one who ran into this headfirst without thinking. ", you're right. Okay, I promise do my best."

"'atta girl!" Rania said, clapping. "Now, you're going to be fighting Eagle, Nez, aaaand me."


"Because I wanna choke you until you're close to death." Rania said, shrugging. A.J. pouted at her, causing her to clarify. "It's randomly-seeded. Did you read ANYTHING beyond 'SIGN HERE'? Anyways, do me a favor: try and manhandle that Eagle guy good. I could use the catharsis of seeing that guy beaten to a bloody pulp considering how much trouble he's been trying to cause me."

"S-sure. I'd be...happy to?" A.J. responded, unsure if she actually wanted to beat someone into a bloody pulp.


The night arrived, the lights were on, and OH SWEET CHILD was this guy bigger than A.J. was expecting. She had heard about his conflicts and fury over Rania building on his people's land. She sympathized with him, and honestly hoped for his success in stopping the wealthy head of the tournament, but she wasn't about to get pummeled by this actual mastodon standing over her.

"U-um...hello, Mr...Eagle! Let's have a good match, okay?" she offered, her hand shaking. He merely stared at her in silence, before she lowered her hand in submission to his inappropriate manners. Obviously, he didn’t care much for anyone else here, and budding musician or not, she was no exception.


The fight was an interesting one, and actually seemed to keep the crowd on their feet. A.J. kept moving and punching, avoiding Eagle’s impossibly slow strikes. While her hands weren’t exactly hurting from punching him like she assumed at first glance, they certainly didn’t seem to be staggering him any. It was merely a battle of attrition, and Eagle certainly had plenty of that.

The first round went okay, as A.J. discovered just how fighting him was going to work. She had been hit with one strike, and her soft body nearly crumbled, but she was far from done. She had landed a lot of hits in rapid succession, and as far as the crowd knew at the time, she was going to knock Eagle out at any minute! But to their surprise, she did not, and the second round came soon after with little fanfare.


Her confidence was still high, and Eagle’s…was…probably the same? Not much had changed—Eagle landed one strike, A.J. landed many—at least until the last 30 seconds. Leaning under a giant swing, feeling the air of the punch on her face, she used her somewhat-rusty MMA ability to knee Eagle in his chiseled abdomen, before soaring up towards his chin for an uppercut. The Native American stumbled backwards, his empty eyes looking somehow even more empty, A.J.’s smile getting large as she might’ve finally toppled the giant oak tree of a man…

He fell to one knee. The referee prepared to walk over, but Eagle took one glance at him, shaking his head. He then turned his attention to A.J., gritting his teeth in a sudden scowl as he rose up once more. THAT was a new expression for him, considering that he was giving her a whole lot of…well, nothing, earlier. A.J. knew that wasn’t good. She went right back to work, though, and despite landing a punch on his chin, she got one right back. She went stumbling to the ends of the ring, but unlike Eagle, she didn’t fall. The round ended soon after. A.J. was shaken from the strike and the scowl: physically for the former, mentally for the latter.


The 3rd round came, and it became more obvious that Eagle’s true potential would be unleashed. He began to pick up the pace in his attacks, leaving A.J. on the defense for the first time in the entire fight.

The Native American colossus had her dancing all over the place, and A.J.’s anxiety rose as she just barely avoided him punching a hole through her chest. The audience was even more excited now, and despite originally booing Eagle in favor of the idol, they had started to warm up to him after this sudden display.

But A.J. still had a chance to win back the attention, to pull off some form of victory, at least until she heard a soft voice whisper:

“It’s over.”

She gasped in surprise, knowing that the voice was Eagle’s and vaguely seeing his lip move from the corner of her eye. And before she knew it—


Her forehead was impacted with a hefty closed fist—


Her chin, too, but this time by a foot—


And finally, her stomach. Her vision was already altered by the first strike, but the final one made things seem like an unending blurry field. As spit flew out of her mouth and continued to pool, A.J. shakily touched Eagle’s chest, the man keeping his fist sunken in.

“Y-you…” was the only thing A.J. was able to utter before Eagle removed his glove from her body, causing her to quickly fall onto her knees—blackness being the next thing she saw.


Moments later, to the roar of the crowd, A.J. woke up.

“Hey, are you alright?” the referee asked politely. “Can you stand?”

“O-oh…yes.” A.J. responded, knowing exactly what had happened once her brain started to churn out the events of the last 10 minutes back to her.

It took her a moment, but she got up, and was led by the hand to the center of the ring, where the referee was the only thing that stood between her and the person she lost to.

“The winner of this match, by knockout in the 3rd round: EAGLE!

The crowd cheered approvingly, maybe a little too loud for A.J.’s tastes after she had just woken up from a defeat. She then sighed, wondering if she had just lost some popularity to what appeared to be a simple man of nature. Oh well, at least he can get Rania to move off of his land, she figured.

The referee left, and Eagle just as suddenly began to leave.

“U-um, good fight!” A.J. offered.

Eagle stopped, and turned around.

A silence filled the short distance between the two of them, the crowd still chattering post-fight, only for the Native American to nod and continue moving.

A.J. had no idea if that meant he agreed, or if he just approved of something she did, or if it was some sort of weird sign of disrespect or WHAT, but that was as much as she was going to get out of him, so she took it.

Now then, despite her aching stomach, she had to plan ahead for Nez and Rania. At least she wasn’t out of the tournament yet!

A.J. Chambers vs Eagle
In honor of…

More stories and things still in the works. I promise some girl on girl boxing with A.J. will happen sometime soon!
Ruby Rose is Victorious! by zipskyblue

A commission I received from zipskyblue that got taken down from their dA; hopefully it doesn't this time. This image was slightly edited by the wonderful :iconcoolsquidfacts:. Please give both of them your attention and praise.


After vigorous martial arts training from her older half-sister Yang Xiao Long, Ruby Rose was then forcibly dragged to a foxy boxing ring in Vale ("An actual gym would've taken too long to get a match in!" ...or so she claims). Their faithful teammates Weiss and Blake came along for moral support...and to help push Ruby down the ramp and into the ring so she wouldn't run away. Despite her confidence being outnumbered 3-1, Yang had faith that Ruby's first match would be a victory.

And it was. An OVERWHELMING victory, at that.

Her sneakers refusing to stay still as they moved on the canvas, she nimbly jabbed at her opponent, overwhelming them with sheer speed. Every part of the body that could be legally hit WAS hit in that match. Unlike her sister, she wasn't very powerful or resilient: and she accepted her limits, wisely staying defensive until her opponent started getting weary. A few rounds later, and the referee was forced to end the fight by TKO after she womanhandled her opponent to the ropes and landed countless blows with no retaliation.

Once the referee confirmed that the fight was finished, Ruby Rose's unfortunate opponent fell to their knees in a bruised and exhausted heap. The meek and shy little girl they saw in the opposite corner was now standing over their defeated form, smirking at her own success as she raised her arm in trumph.

And as they announced the victory of Ruby Rose, the Little Red Reaper--as this establishment so lovingly dubbed her--she was beginning to think that Yang made the right choice in fighting style after all.
You guys are awesome. A.J. stuff coming soon! I'm trying to get it done today.
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Welcome to the Revolution!
United States
I like to write stories about girls boxing; usually the girls are made by other creators, but I have some ideas of my own, too!


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